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Taktyl Studios is a gamified software development company that utilizes gamification and human-centered design principles to turn ideas, systems, and processes into fun and meaningful experiences.

Our Mission

Leading the world in providing engaging, data-driven, human-centered, and tech-empowered experiences with FUN encoded in its DNA.

Our Vision

The pinnacle of excellence, engagement, and fun in beating boredom.



We are willing to learn & speak our minds. We do not shy away from trying new technology or showing what we have mastered. We are not afraid to find what truly is fun, even if it means needing to test our comfort zones. We understand challenges are simply part of the process of developing success.


We are of sound values & integrity. We recognize our accountability and seek to always bring positive change into any project we are part of. We empower each other, knowing in this world we all must do our part to make this world a better place, without ever forgetting the mistakes of our past.


We understand that good is never enough and excellence is a constant goal and not a state of being. We recognize that the best way to be experts is to always be open to learning more. We are only limited by time, funding, and technology, and understand the ceiling is there to be broken.


Taktyl Studios is a proven boon to its clients, partners, and audience.

iACADEMY Partners Night 2023

2022 GameOn Awards

2022 GameOn Awards

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Engage your target users through the FUNNEST and most INTERACTIVE way possible!

T.O.T.S.: Special Delivery
Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 3
Cha-Ching Bazaar
Superbook: Gizmo’s Mega Memory Archive
HIVE+ Virtual Events Hub (VIRCON)
Watch, Write, Read
Heroes of Land, Air & Sea


Taktyl Studios is a gamification company that utilizes human-centered design principles
to turn ideas, systems, and processes into fun and meaningful experiences.

Gamification Strategy

Art and Animation

Hypercasual Games

Multiplayer Games

Training Simulations

Virtual & Augmented Reality


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May 08 2023

Get in the robot, Arbiter!

Apr 04 2023


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